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We love Chattanooga and we’re passionate about sharing it with you.


From young professionals to families, this city has a place you can call home.

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Chattanooga is growing & thriving and you can be a part of the movement.

Let’s Do This Better

How do you search for home?
There are hundreds of ‘home search’ websites out there offering searchable databases of homes for sale. What else do you need? Well, we believe a major shift is developing in the way people live and buy things – especially real estate – that the standard ‘data aggregation’ websites cannot automate. What do we mean? Glad you asked!
How do you organize your home search?
If you were moving to a new city with very limited local knowledge, how would you go about finding a new home? There are currently two obvious choices:

    1. randomly hire a real estate professional with a nice picture in the local paper and ask their opinion for local knowledge.
    2. log on to an anonymous property search website and search by their set criteria. And local knowledge? – don’t worry, they’ve got an algorithm for that…

We believe you want a home search resource that includes context and real local knowledge.

What are your priorities?
Previous generations had priorities – say a home within walking distance to the factory, close to family, etc… More recently – a sprawling picturesque home in the suburbs. These days people seem more focused on imbedding themselves into a community that fits their lifestyle. Whether that be quick access to hiking trails, close proximity to urban cultural hubs, or family friendly activities – we want to be close to the action. You want to know where you want to be.

So, where do you want to be?
There is no “better” or “best” place for everyone, there is only the best place for you and your particular lifestyle. Take a look through our Community Profiles and let us know where you want to be!

Chattanooga is a place that you can call home

Jeremiah Reynolds


Coming from a true Real Estate family it seems I’ve been involved in some aspect of the Real Estate world my whole life. From spending summers flipping houses with my father during college and a few stints working in the remodeling and construction fields, to full renovation jobs on my personal homes – I feel comfortable with each of the components and possibilities in a home. A diverse set of professional and life experiences, from working in the Fortune 500 environment to partnering with non-profits at home and around the world have given me the privilege to work with many different types of people and cultures. From these experiences I feel at ease finding commonality amongst diversity.

Combining those experiences with a Bachelors of Science in Economics and a love of market research and trends, I wake up each morning excited to see what’s new on the market and help clients find exactly what they are searching for. I work with all types of buyers and sellers across the whole spectrum of the Tennessee Valley and beyond. However my true passion is helping first time buyers and the diverse range of new people coming to live in the Chattanooga area. Helping people explore the city, get their bearings and navigate the many unique neighborhoods of this ever revitalizing and expanding city is a joy. In a landscape that is constantly changing and a city that is ever reinventing itself I find it exciting to introduce people to neighborhoods either unknown to the newcomer or perhaps unrecognizable to a native Chattanoogan from just a decade ago. If you’re looking for a widely experienced Realtor who is passionate about finding the right neighborhood to fit your lifestyle and then the right house to fit your needs please give me a call today.

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