Alton Park: Chattanooga’s Industrious Present

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Neighborhoods: Alton Park, Oak Hill, Piney Woods, Spencer J McCallie

Profile: Market Street has long been the main boulevard of traffic and commerce in Chattanooga. Following this well worn path to it’s furthest southern terminus will bring you to the community of Alton Park. This mixed use area combines manufacturing, commercial enterprises, not-for-profits, housing developments, apartment complexes, and single family homes. Almost every residential option available exists in this community. Easy access to large manufacturing & shipping employers, close proximity to the city, the abundance of sidewalks and public spaces and moderately priced homes have drawn residents to call Alton Park home before and since its incorporation into the city in 1917. Typical houses in this area range from historic bungalow style homes, to some mid-century single & multi-family homes, and increasingly more newer construction home options.

Alton Park

Distance from the city center: 3.3 Miles

This is the community for you if:

You prefer easy access to downtown, North Georgia, or one of the many medium to large employers in the area.

Geography: Alton Park’s northern boundary lies at the train overpassalong crossing overthe southern border of Chattanooga Creek and runs south to the Georgia State Line. Alton Park is defined on the east side by the relatively undeveloped forested areas creating a natural dividing line from East Lake and on the west by the ridgeline and Forest Hills Cemetery creating a natural dividing line from St. Elmo.

Accessibility: As stated before the southern end of Market Street becomes Alton Park Blvd and is the main artery of traffic through Alton Park. W 40th Street cuts west towards St. Elmo and E 38th St cuts east towards East Lake. At one time one must imagine some of these streets must have connected with their proximate namesakes (notice: Central Ave and so many of the numbered streets). There are quite a few sporadic neighborhoods here amongst the green backdrops, some exploration is required to find a few.

Transport: Alton Park Blvd/Market St swells with traffic during commute times, but are relatively quiet otherwise. Sidewalks are prevalent here and provide access by foot all the way along Market St to downtown if so desired. Multiple bus routes run through these neighborhoods straight to downtown. Dedicated bike lanes are marked along Alton Park Blvd and connect via W 40th Street to the extensive bike routes of St. Elmo. Recently announced is a new walking path connecting Alton Park to the new Riverwalk extension which will connect Alton Park by pedestrian path to downtown and beyond. Ample parking is usually available at businesses and along the surface streets throughout. Quick Stats: -Price Ranges: ~$9,000 – $93,500 -Average Price Per Sq Ft: ~$28 -Population/Square Mile: 1,570.4

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