East Ridge

Except for the faded green signs notifying motorists they are in fact leaving Chattanooga and entering The City of East Ridge – you’d be forgiven for missing any other obvious signs of a break between the two municipalities.


Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

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What Will Chattanooga Look Like in 2027?

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Missionary Ridge: Stories in the Soil

Long corridors extend east out of downtown stretching up over and through Missionary Ridge. At the heart of these thoroughfares lies The Highlands.

What Do You Know About Glass Street?

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Once better known to locals as a quiet town on the outskirts of Hamilton County, or to passerbyers as a quick stop for fuel or fast food along Interstate-75 – a few things have changed in recent years.


The ever burgeoning city of Chattanooga would not be contained by its natural boundaries and soon began claiming more territory east of Missionary Ridge.

Southside Continues to Surprise

When I first moved to the Southside community of Chattanooga in January, 2012 I used to walk the blocks – imagining the possibilities those empty buildings could possess. Just four years later I walk those same … Read More