UTC/MLK: Dreams, In Progress…

Crossing Georgia Avenue from City Center one begins to sense something significant has changed. Bookstore, large sprawling buildings, an arena and oh yes, block student housing – we must be nearing the University…

St. Elmo: Chattanooga’s Front Porch Community

St. Elmo Chattanooga | xmarxspot | Jeremiah Reynolds

Established in 1905, and granted status as a Local Historic District in 1992, St. Elmo has seen its historic homes restored to their previous glory and a tight knit community has emerged.

Southside Historic District: Urban, Unique, Undeniable

Southside Chattanooga | xmarxspot | Jeremiah Reynolds

The Southside, recently described as an “emerging area,” is undoubtedly settling into its own identity these days. It is safe to say the area is no longer emerging – perhaps thriving would be a better descriptor.

River Bluff District: The Epicenter of Revival

RiverBluff Chattanooga | xmarxspot | Jeremiah Reynolds

When people talk about Chattanooga one consistent theme is always the Riverfront. Perhaps no other portion of the city has changed so drastically in the last 25 years as this little stretch of land along the bend of the Tennessee River.

East Lake: Chattanooga’s Southern Gateway

East Lake Chattanooga | xmarxspot | Jeremiah Reynolds

In the southeast portion of the city lies a community wedged along the two main thoroughfares of Dodd’s Avenue & Rossville Boulevard which eventually merge just before the Georgia State line.

City Center: Business + Pleasure + Innovation

Chattanooga happens downtown! Historically the City Center has been sparse with residential properties, however as the downtown revitalization process continues new options are constantly becoming available.