Neighborhoods: Olde Town, midTown, Glendon Place, Belvoir Neighborhood, Sunnyside, Woodmore Manor, Hemphill, Brainerd Park, Foxwood Heights

Profile: The ever burgeoning city of Chattanooga would not be contained by its natural boundaries and soon began claiming more territory east of Missionary Ridge. Brainerd had already been an established community, deriving it’s name from the historic Brainerd Mission that even predated the city of Chattanooga. Officially incorporating many of its distinct neighborhoods under the name Brainerd in 1926 it was soon annexed into the city in 1930.1 Its sister community to the south – The City of East Ridge was hardly distinguishable from Brainerd before the 1950’s when Interstate I-24 permanently created a separation between the two.

The neighborhoods of Brainerd are distinctly historic places, primarily built during the heights of early 20th Century architecture and community planning. Brainerd Neighborhoods are notably walkable and seem designed for ease of access to public spaces in an era not dominated by cars. Small neighborhood parks dot the landscape throughout and each area seems to have a church, golf course, community center, commercial corridor or other public space at it’s heart. Church bells mark the hours in the Belvoir Neighborhood, Brainerd Community Center anchors the heart of Brainerd Park, and access to the South Chickamauga Greenway in midTown and Woodmore Manor.

In stark contrast to its gently curvy and hillside neighborhoods, the area’s main commercial corridor Brainerd Road cuts directly through the center offering every variety of businesses one could imagine. The Olde Town business corridor (just past the Missionary Ridge Tunnel) is a artsy enclave of early 20th Century flair. Dotted along the rest of Brainerd Rd are a hodgepodge of mid-Century businesses and 21st Century newer installations. The most starkly representative examples can be found in the area now called midTown where an original charming 1970’s Krispy Kreme sits catty-corner to a Starbucks. This area has clearly been defined by many decades of change, and the change seems to be accelerating.


Distance from the city center: 5.7 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You prefer access to city amenities without the city feel. If you are looking for the look and feel of historic charm in an early 20th century setting and equally easy access to downtown, North Georgia or East Brainerd this might be your spot.

Geography: Brainerd is defined by I-24 to the south, Missionary Ridge to the west, The S Chickamauga Creek to the east, and Wilcox Boulevard to the North.

Accessibility: Brainerd has many points of entry and exit along its long stretch of territory. I-24 runs along its entire southern boundary with North Terrace acting as a feeder road entering and exiting the Interstate. North Germantown Rd/Tunnel Blvd, and N Moore Rd run the full length North to South and give access across I-24 to East Ridge. The heavily travelled Shallowford Rd flanks those roads in a west to east pattern. Wilcox Blvd defines the northern border and ducks under Missionary Ridge through the Wilcox Tunnel into East Chattanooga. The main commercial corridor Brainerd Rd runs East to West and connects East Brainerd all the way to downtown through the Missionary Ridge Tunnel.

Transport: The neighborhoods of Brainerd are notably walkable. However this is one of the original suburbs of Chattanooga and as in most places car transport has become a way of life here. Fortunately a robust bus network links most of the core of Brainerd to downtown, surrounding areas and even the Chattanooga Airport. Bicycle lanes are marked out on some main surface roads such as Belvoir and provisions are even available for Bicycles using the Missionary Ridge Tunnel into downtown.

Quick Stats:
-Price Ranges: $11,500 – $275,000
-Average Price Per Sq Ft: $57
-Population/Square Mile: 2,102.6