East Chattanooga: A Century in the Making

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Neighborhoods: Glenwood/Bushtown/Churchville/
Riverside/Avondale/Glass Farms District

Profile: In the early 20th Century an ever expanding city began moving outward, incorporating independent towns in it’s path. Bushtown & Churchville were incorporated first, then the rest of the East Chattanooga neighborhoods. Today the gaps have largely been filled between the previously separate municipalities creating a uniform feeling set of urban neighborhoods. Only a few placards and sign toppers pay tribute to the historic towns of old.

Geographically East Chattanooga sits in the valley running the length between the heights of North Missionary Ridge and the Tennessee River. Originally developed as municipalities in themselves, these neighborhoods are distinctly turn of the century with ornate red brick buildings, mostly older housing stock, some mid-century builds and a spattering of newer builds. A tour through the pleasantly curvy streets of the Glenwood neighborhood provides a fine example of the original home crafting happening in this period. From Glenwood a ride down North Chamberlain Ave will bring you to the ever evolving drive through art-gallery of Glass Street. Across the massive trainyard brings you to the neighborhood of Riverside tucked neatly behind the bustling businesses of Amnicola Highway.

This area being the outer loop of the downtown metro area some large employers are scattered throughout including CHI Memorial Hospital among other mid-sized health care providers, and seemingly endless number of industry and small businesses along Amnicola Highway. East Chatt is also home to the beloved Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum where you can catch a train ride tour of the Tennessee Valley. However, one of East Chatt’s most incredible hidden gem is the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway. Destined one day to connect miles of trail between Camp Jordan in East Ridge all the way to the Riverwalk – these miles of picturesque biking and walking paths are a treasure to those in the know. Through its intersection with the northern section of the Riverwalk the Greenway gives the furthest point of East Chattanooga a dedicated cycling/walking connection to downtown.

East Chattanooga

Distance from the city center: 3.6 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You’re looking for moderately priced homes with equally easy access to downtown or Harrison/Hixson. Great for those looking to invest into the restoration of an early 20th century home. Glass Street is also working to allure artists with vision with affordable art workspaces.

Geography: This area includes all of the neighborhoods east of the Tennessee River up to the boundary of Missionary Ridge in the east. The bend in the river at the Chickamauga Dam also defines the border to the north and runs south to East 3rd Street.

Accessibility: East Chattanooga is easily accessible from multiple directions. From downtown Amnicola Highway brings you through the full length of East Chattanooga’s commercial corridor. From the Southern half of the city North Chamberlain Ave and Dodson Ave run parallel North & South through the entirety of the area. N. Orchard Knob Ave becomes Roanoke Ave and eventually Glass Street that is East Chatt’s original main commercial corridor. From the East the Wilcox Tunnel provides easy access through Missionary Ridge all the way to Amnicola Highway. From Highway 153/Harrison/North Brainerd areas Bonny Oaks Drive brings you through a pass in North Missionary Ridge and directly into Glass Street.

Transport: East Chattanooga offers a number of alternative transport options. The area is well covered with multiple bus routes, and being a densely urban area sidewalks also abound. Fully dedicated bicycle lanes have also been installed through the heart of East Chatt spanning the full length of Dodson Ave from Glass Farms District to Glenwood. Quick Stats: -Price Ranges: ~$16,000 – $164,000 -Average Price Per Sq Ft: ~$33 -Population/Square Mile: 1,177.40

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