The Heart of the City Center – Reimagined

This just came across my desk (so to speak) and feel it is an important thing to share. Please check out the very new, but already very relevant Camphouse podcast. In just a few short weeks the host Matt Busby has landed interviews with some of the biggest names you’ve probably never heard of; however, if you’ve lived in or even visited Chattanooga in the last decade you have experienced their impact.

This week’s two part episode continues the trend: Wes Michaels (landscape architect), Jenny Park (city planner), and Mayor Andy Berke talk about the redevelopment of the City Center’s central space – Miller Park – Miller Plaza – Patton Parkway – MLK/Georgia Ave. These parks were originally designed as an intersection point for the populations of downtown and the eastern parts of the city. The experiment, I think it can be said at this point, was a wild success. This interview discusses how this public space at the core of the city is being re-imagined and renovated to match the new vision of Chattanooga and serve a wider swath of the population.

This is an interview everyone who uses and enjoys downtown needs to hear – this is the heart of Chattanooga – this is important. Don’t miss the links at the bottom of the page with plans, mock-ups and information about these projects. Also, take a few minutes and read this awesome article recently featured in the New York Times:¬†

Big things are happening – get involved! ¬†Listen to the Blog Episodes here: The Future of Our Miller Park District…

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