The Highlands: The Dream of the 1890’s is Alive…

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Neighborhoods: Highland Park, Ridgedale, Orchard Knob, Oak Grove, Ferger Place

Profile: Long corridors extend east out of downtown stretching up over and through Missionary Ridge. At the heart of these thoroughfares lies The Highlands. These neighborhoods stand as a testament to a lively and decadent time past – a time when Chattanooga thrived in the industrial age – The Dynamo of Dixie days. Many of the homes, some still small mansions today were built around the turn of the century 1900. The area experienced a few decades of hardship when some of the larger industry shipped out, the suburbs sprang up, and many of the larger homes were carved up into multi-tenant dwellings. Now days a stroll down Chamberlain or Union Avenue reveals an area sparking with revival. Most of the larger historic homes have been restored as single family homes and now many of the bungalow and craftsman style homes are springing back to life. More recently a flurry of new home construction has begun filling in empty lots as these neighborhoods continue to take shape.

These neighborhoods feature a classic urban neighborhood feel, great public parks throughout, and tree lined boulevards. Close proximity to downtown, the University, three major area hospitals and much more make it an ideal location for those desiring an urban neighborhood feel with short commutes to most parts of the city.

The Highlands

Distance from the city center: 2 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You are looking for both an historic neighborhood look and feel with direct access to everything downtown has to offer.

Geography: The Highland’s western boundary is Central Ave (encompassing the National Cemetery) and runs east up the side of Missionary Ridge. The northern boundary is 3rd St continuing south to Interstate 24.

Accessibility: This area is historically the crossroads and highways that provided access to the eastern areas of the growing city and beyond. East 3rd St, McCallie Ave, Bailey Ave, Main St, East 23rd St, and of course Interstate 24 all span the full length of these neighborhoods – swelling with east end commuters at rush hour. These neighborhoods are vastly perfect grids with Central Ave, Holtzclaw Ave, Orchard Knob Ave, Willow St, and Dodds Ave providing North to South main thoroughfares. Once you learn the street names that remain pretty consistent throughout, navigation becomes quite easy.

Transport: These neighborhoods are popular for their easy access to downtown, the University, and other popular spots and plenty of options abound. As with any urban grid stop signs also abound on the surface streets, but sticking to the main thoroughfares keeps traffic moving nicely. Cyclist will love the quieter grid streets, and sidewalks for pedestrians line most every street here. You will find access to the major areas of downtown are just a mile or two away. Most all businesses and organizations have sufficient parking. Publicly accessible and street parking is usually not difficult to find.

Quick Stats: -Price Ranges: $200-500k  -Population/Square Mile: 2,507.7

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