‘Mai Bell Apartments’ – Underway

Out on a stroll to the Highland Park Post Office to drop off some mail I suddenly felt something was different. I took a scan of the usual scenery – but wait, something is new! Tall fences now marked the boundary of the elongated open space at the corner of Bailey Ave and Hawthorne. Even more, two earth moving machines sat dormant inside the perimeter, just waiting to tear through the earth below. As the Times Free Press announced this morning online (and apparently a full article tomorrow) the soon to be Mai Bell Apartment Complex broke ground this morning, to be completed early 2017.

More comments on this development are sure to follow soon. Stay tuned…

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One Comment on “‘Mai Bell Apartments’ – Underway”

  1. Exciting stuff and hopefully your property is continuing to climb in value. Congrats on being a visionary.


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