Missionary Ridge: Stories in the Soil

Neighborhoods: North Crest, South Crest, Bragg Point, Northcrest Estates

Profile: Missionary Ridge is just about as iconic Chattanooga as you will find. The history of this place is astounding, so many stories – the relics of which we are still finding below the ground.

This is just one of those places you must visit to fully appreciate. The sweeping views both east and west (sometimes simultaneously), old and newer mansions perched perfectly on the ledge, peaceful parks nestled in between, and of course, civil war cannons literally parked in people’s front yards; just go take a walk and soak it in.

Take a chance to visit one of Chattanooga’s most accessible civil war memorial parks at Bragg Reservation. Headed from there across the bridge to North Crest you’ll find a very warm community with walkable sidewalks along the road and stunning views with equally stunning homes. At the northernmost terminus of North Crest Rd is the newly re-opened Sherman Reservation National Military Park – A nice short hike with tons of history along the way.

Missionary Ridge

Distance from the city center: 5 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You like living up high with views for days, but still want quick access to city and suburban amenities without a mountain commute. If you enjoy a serene setting but still want to literally be perched in the middle of it all this might be the place for you.

Geography: Missionary Ridge is a long and meandering community. Only about half a mile at it’s widest, but 6.5 miles in length north to south, Missionary Ridge is like no other place in Chattanooga. Missionary Ridge splits the neighborhoods of greater downtown from the eastern suburbs of East Ridge, Brainerd, North Brainerd and Ridgeside. It’s southern border is the Georgia state line and northern border is Sherman’s Reserve and descent towards Glass Street.

Accessibility: The Ridge is accessible from many different points including Glass Street, Greenwood Rd, and Shallowford Rd to the North. Main St cuts directly through the pass between North and South, and Old Ringgold, Shadowlawn and Westside Dr cut up and over along the Southern portion. Of course, most traffic ducks under the Ridge via The Bachman Tunnel, Missionary Ridge Tunnel, and Wilcox Blvd Tunnel.

Transport: There are walkable sidewalks along most of Missionary Ridge and unofficial cycling routes are feasible for reaching downtown and the closer eastern suburbs (though the ascent back up is quite a workout!). Vehicular transport is certainly recommended for making quick trips and commuting any further than downtown or the surrounding communities. Buses run under the Ridge (through the tunnels) but don’t brave the windings roads up.

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