North Chattanooga: Hipsters, Yuppies, Tourists… oh my!

North Chattanooga | xmarxspot | Jeremiah Reynolds

Neighborhoods: North Shore, Hill City,
Stringer’s Ridge, Heritage Landing, Riverview

Profile: This thriving community has risen to prominence in the minds of many Chattanoogans as the place to be and to be seen. Local shops and food venues dot the main drag (Frazier Avenue/Cherokee Blvd) all overlooking the beloved green spaces of Coolidge Park and Renaissance Park. Nestled into the hills (which from downtown appear like forests) are the unique and cherished neighborhoods of North Chattanooga. Windy roads crawl up the hillsides creating calm and private urban communities chocked full of old mansions, artsy bungalows, classic craftsmans, and newer luxury town-homes.

Traveling northward along the bend in the Tennessee river one gets a tour of Chattanooga’s downtown elite neighborhoods: Heritage Landing, The Golf and Country Club, and finally the prominent homes of Riverview. The western neighborhood of North Chattanooga (called ‘Hill City’) provides the only gridded street pattern in the area, but quickly its straight-lines give way to the hillsides of Stringer’s Ridge. At the northern terminus of Spears Avenue (the main thoroughfare of Hill City) lies the main Trail Head of the Stringer’s Ridge Preservation Easement. This dedicated green space park is an amazing array of hiking and biking trails with magnificent views of the city.

North Chattanooga

Distance from the city center: .7 Miles

This is the community for you if:

You love great easily accessible food options, urban living without a downtown feel, transportation via your feet, and quick access to great parks and recreation.

Geography: North Chattanooga is increasingly difficult to define. The area’s popularity mixed with crafty marketers and developers have often pushed the boundaries of what may or should be considered North Chattanooga; especially the phrase “Northshore.” For our purposes we have defined North Chattanooga as those neighborhoods between the riverfront along Coolidge/Renaissance Park stretching North to approximately the crest of Stringer’s Ridge and along Altamont Rd directly over to the Tennessee River. The western and eastern border are defined by the curvature of the Tennessee River on the east and west.

Accessibility: North Chattanooga is most easily accessed over any of the four main downtown bridges (though rush hour will slow your vehicular roll a bit). Main arteries from the north such as Hixson Pike, Dayton Blvd, and Highway 27 bring you directly into the heart of North Chattanooga. Once you’ve arrived so many options abound – though you may find yourself twisted up. There’s nothing uniform or predictable about N. Chatt’s street layout – only exploration will unravel the mysteries, and only the curious of heart will find many of its hidden corners.

Transport: Though vehicle transport is the norm, this area is known for it’s pedestrian friendly streets, fully dedicated bicycle lanes and of course – longboards cruising down the long gentle slopes. Parking is… an irritant to long term locals, a situation to tourists on busy weekends, and a booming business for a certain local entity. Nonetheless, parking – both residential and public can be both elusive and highly sought after – alternative transport should be considered during busy times! Bus routes run through many of the main arteries of the area.

Quick Stats:
-Price Ranges: ~ $300k – Millions…
-Population/Square Mile: 264.2