Communities: Town of Ooltewah, Snowhill, Hunter Road, Harrison Bay

Profile: Once better known to locals as a quiet town on the outskirts of Hamilton County, or to passerbyers as a quick stop for fuel or fast food along Interstate-75 – a few things have changed in recent years. A few major movements have sparked the trend. First, as Chattanooga’s popular eastern suburb East Brainerd filled and surface road congestion worsened, developers looked further towards the eastern border of the county. A major interstate widening program provided easier and quicker access to the further reaches of the area and the people started to come. In more recent years, the impressive economic growth of the small city of Cleveland, TN and the development of Enterprise South Industrial Park which soon ushered in Volkswagen, Amazon, and other large employers – Ooltewah began experiencing exponential growth. With additional large scale investments from Volkswagen and related industry investments there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the continued growth of this area.

As with any area experiencing fast growth and an influx of new residents – Ooltewah can seem in the middle of an identity crisis. Driving along the main commercial corridor – Lee Highway (Hwy 64) there are obvious signs of new development, but the same old gas stations and fast food stops are the dominant presence. However, a few red lights down one will suddenly find ‘Cambridge Square’ – a newly developed old world downtown square. An old brick storefront style town center with many recognizable franchised Chattanooga establishments centered around a green space all set in a Charleston-style square fashion. Just beyond this center square is a decidedly rural Tennessee landscape with scattered subdivisions throughout the hills and plains.

To the East of the Interstate Ooltewah sprawls outward towards the Chickamauga Lake (the dammed portion of the Tennessee River) along the main corridors of Snowhill Rd and Hunter Rd. The ever winding Savannah Creek stretches out from the Chickamauga Lake creating picturesque waterfront communities all along it’s path. If you’re looking for picturesque Tennessee living on the water or in the hills Ooltewah should be on your radar.


Distance from the city center: ~20 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You desire to be out of the urban core, but still have relatively quick access to it. If you are looking for waterfront property, golf course communities, or a secluded getaway home Ooltewah should be on your short list.

Geography: The area of “Ooltewah” is huge… it covers an incredible amount of territory. Generally speaking Ooltewah’s boundaries are: White Oak Mountain ridgeline defines it’s eastern boundary and runs west to the shores of the Chickamauga Lake. Standifer Gap Rd and continuing up along the boundary of the Enterprise South site defines the southern border. The northern border has no geographical identifying boundaries but cuts across north of the Georgetown community.

Transport: Ooltewah almost absolutely requires a car to move about. Some bicycle lanes have been installed along major corridors and a bus route does run from Enterprise South to the eastern and northern suburbs and downtown, but the automobile is king here.

Accessibility: The town of Ooltewah itself is easily accessible from Interstate 75 and has many main highways and roads cutting through it. Getting out to some of the further out communities and neighborhoods can be a bit more tricky. Many developments in Ooltewah meander about for miles with only one or maybe two neighborhood entrances. A superb example of this is the Flagstone Neighborhood which bobs and weaves for almost three miles along a single road from its only entrance. Many neighborhoods are accessible along the main corridors of Hunter Rd, Snowhill Rd, Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd, Ooltewah-Georgetown Rd, Volkswagen Dr and Highway 64.

Quick Stats:
-Price Ranges: ~$83,000 – $1,000,000+
-Average Price Per Sq Ft: ~$106
-Population/Square Mile: 430.9