River Bluff District: The Epicenter of Revival

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Neighborhoods: Ross’s Landing, Walnut Hill, Bluff View Art District, Battery Place, Manker Patten

Profile: When people talk about Chattanooga one consistent theme is always the Riverfront. Perhaps no other portion of the city has changed so drastically in the last 25 years as this little stretch of land along the bend of the Tennessee River. These days throngs of business people, tourists, residents, street performers and more crowd the streets, public spaces, and businesses that line the river. Yes, it all started with that big fish tank (the Aquarium), but the area has grown a whole new life of it’s own. The Bluff View Art District draws tourist and locals alike to enjoy it’s cozy B&B’s, eateries, galleries, museums and sweeping river views. The northern terminus’ of Broad and Market Street bring you to Ross’s Landing Park where all manner of activities happen year around. Everything ranging from Regattas to Music Festivals to a Craft Beer Festival and so much more – Chattanooga’s big happenings happen here!

Among the riverfront buzz are an assortment of residential options ranging from the glitziest of penthouse suite condos to luxury townhomes to single family homes with stunning views to an elite private tennis club community. These real estate holdings are much coveted and bring a worthy price tag as well – come prepared to pay for those million dollar views!

It cannot be stated strongly enough that the most important feature tying the River Bluff District together is the beloved Riverfront Walkway. This 10 mile (and growing) stretch of paved paths links multiple parks, attractions, and portions of the city together into one easily navigable pedestrian pathway. The River Walk cuts straight through Manker Patten Tennis club, skirts through the Bluff View Art District, diverts to North Chattanooga across to the Walnut Street Walking Bridge and continues down the slope to the Aquarium and Ross’s Landing Park. (This path is currently being expanded through West Chattanooga and now meets up with St. Elmo’s greenway). Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, it is one of the city’s greatest assets and attractions.

River Bluff

Distance from the city center: Just Steps Away!

This May Be The Community For You If:

You enjoy downtown living with everything accessible at your doorstep. Must be able to tolerate tourists...

Geography: The River Bluff District is defined on the west side by Highway 27 (The Olgiati Bridge) and runs along the Tennessee River east to the Manker Patten Tennis Club – which is the end of the privately occupied area of the downtown Riverfront.

Accessibility: Broad St and Market St are the clear main arteries bringing travelers north to downtown’s riverfront areas. Georgia Avenue and Highway 27 bring travelers along the outskirts of the River Bluff District and over the Tennessee River. Riverfront Pkwy loops around the river bend towards West Chattanooga. 4th Street provides easy access to the whole area along the southern border and East 1st St provides various methods of safe pedestrian passage through walking malls, sidewalk stairs, and even a glass bridge.

Transport: Although this area is compact and easily accessible via foot, plenty of options are available. Bicycle rentals, free electric shuttle, public buses and car are all easily accessible options. Heck, while you’re at it rent a paddle board and tour it by water! The area is getting more crowded each year and parking is often an event in itself during peak times. Parking garages and street parking are available along with some reserved spaces for business patrons. Quick Stats: -Price Ranges: ~~$199,000 – $1.4 Million -Average Price Per Sq Ft: ~$258 -Population/Square Mile: 3,249.4

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