Southside Historic District: Urban, Unique, Undeniable

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Neighborhoods: Ft Negley, Jefferson Heights,
Cowart Association, Southside Gardens

Profile: The Southside, recently described as an “emerging area,” is undoubtedly settling into its own identity these days. It is safe to say the area is no longer emerging – perhaps thriving would be a better descriptor. This once almost abandoned south end of the city has in the last decade undergone major renewal and has created a community ranging from artistic to affluent and a few things in-between. Thanks to a city-sponsored incentive many published artists first moved into the area and early on shaped a culture of creativity. Many home and street front galleries are quickly noticeable along Main St, and a few more nestled amongst the blocks behind.

In the Southside small neighborhoods are tucked in neatly behind main artery roads, providing distinctly metropolitan neighborhoods that still feel residential. Reimagined post-industrial lofts rise above the grid behind West Main Street, while old neighborhood charm in Fort Negley meets new craftsman style homes in the Jefferson Heights community. Good sidewalks, friendly parks, bike lanes, and free shuttle transportation into downtown make the Southside a convenient place to live. Chattanooga’s favorite new restaurants and bars are now found all along Main and Market – including Alleia, Bluegrass Grill, The Flying Squirrel, Blue Orleans, Feed Co and new options continually popping up.

Southside Historic District

Distance from the city center: 1.2 Miles

This may be the community for you if:

You enjoy easy access to hip bars, restaurants, and local coffee houses. Enjoy a highly urban environment. Want to be in the middle of the action at any given time. Work downtown and desire a short commute – perhaps even on a bicycle.

Geography: The Southside occupies the area from Highway 27 east to Central Avenue, and from the old Chattanooga Choo Choo train tracks south to Chattanooga Creek.

Accessibility: At the heart of the Southside lies the busy intersection of Main St and Market St. Interstate 24 and Highway 27 offer entrance and exits into the Southside, though these will be changing soon (hopefully for the better).

Quick Stats:
-Price Ranges: ~~$300k – Millions…
-Population/Square Mile: 668.1

Transport: Once you arrive, the Southside offers great sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes and plenty of quieter side streets to venture down. A dedicated bike lane down Chestnut Street offers safe passage downtown and on to the riverfront. The addition of a Bike Share program has boosted the accessibility of the area offering six rental stations spread across the Southside. Parking is still accessible for now , but is quickly becoming an issue in the Southside. Most business offer limited parking, with street parking along Main St and many side streets. With increasing numbers of once vacant buildings and lots being filled with thriving businesses and new housing the parking situation will surely continue to be, well, a situation.