St. Elmo: Chattanooga’s Front Porch Community

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Neighborhoods: St. Elmo Historic District

Profile: Established in 1905, and granted status as a Local Historic District in 1992, St. Elmo has seen many of its historic homes restored to their previous glory and a closely knit community feels almost tangible. Nestled into the shadow of Lookout Mountain this thriving neighborhood curves along the valley and at places fights back the thick vegetation, reaching into the sides of the mountain.

St. Elmo feels like it’s own small town, most likely because it once was. A mass exodus was taking place from Chattanooga because of a yellow fever epidemic in 1878 and a few miles south St. Elmo was born. The town was later incorporated into the city of Chattanooga in 1929. St. Elmo’s town center boasts some of Chattanooga’s favorite local eateries and tourist spots.

St. Elmo is likely one of Chattanooga’s most diverse communities. Longtime residents, college students and professors, young couples and full families have found St. Elmo a convenient and desirable location. Whether it be a microbrewery, burritos on the patio, or a stroll down St. Elmo Ave, quickly one begins to realize St. Elmo is much more than a popular pizza joint, a vertical railroad station, or a convenient route to The Mountain.

St. Elmo

Distance from the city center: 3.3 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You enjoy equally easy access to the city, North Georgia countryside, and the wonders of Lookout Mountain. If you enjoy slacklining, or enjoy the company of people who do you’ll find this place a cozy spot.

Geography: St. Elmo begins while crossing over the Chattanooga Creek on Broad St, and continues south along St. Elmo Ave to the Georgia State Line. The west boundary lies at the foot of Lookout Mountain continuing east to a mostly undeveloped and forested ridge. The beautifully serene Forest Hills Cemetery defines St. Elmo at its northeast corner.

Accessibility: Geographically St. Elmo is for the most part sandwiched between a Mountain side and a mostly undeveloped ridge… even so, there are multiple points of entry and exit known to the local. Broad Street is the most obvious portal into and out of the city, though S Market Street (accessible via Alton Park) provides a much quieter option. Ochs Highway leads into the clouds of Lookout Mountain, and Cummings Highway sneaks out around the face of the mountain. St. Elmo avenue leads you South to the Georgia State line almost shockingly spitting you out of dense urban neighborhood into picturesque countryside.

Transport: Most homes in St. Elmo offer off street parking, however side streets offer ample on-street parking (with the exception of St. Elmo Ave which offers none). Fully dedicated bike lanes along St. Elmo Ave and continuing into downtown via Broad Street or Market St makes St. Elmo a welcoming community for cyclists. The newest expansion of the Riverwalk has now reached St. Elmo providing a dedicated pedestrian/cycling path to downtown and beyond. Nice sidewalks along the historical home studded St. Elmo Ave and quiet side streets give the neighborhoods a quaint and accessible feeling.

Quick Stats:
-Price Ranges: ~$300k – 800k+
-Population/Square Mile: 669.3