UTC/MLK: Dreams, In Progress…


Neighborhoods: UT – Chattanooga, Fort Wood,
ML King Blvd, Lincoln Park

Profile: Crossing Georgia Avenue from City Center one begins to sense something significant has changed. Athletic center, large sprawling buildings, an arena and oh yes, block student housing – we must be nearing the University. Popular restaurants like Champy’s Fried Chicken and Uncle Larry’s Hot Fish lure Chattanoogans of all ages down to MLK Blvd. The infamous JJ’s Bohemia draws local students and hipsters often to its late night shows and chill back patio. Entertainment of a more mainstream variety often passes through the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium at the end of McCallie Ave. Extraordinary architecture can be observed passing the historic churches along McCallie Ave, testifying to Chattanooga’s strong religious past and present.

Centered around the ever abounding campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, you would believe most of life in this area is student focused. Although, per square foot students surely make up a majority of the population, the area has seen a Renaissance of activity in the large stately homes of MLK Blvd and the tree-lined neighborhoods tucked between McCallie Ave and 11th St.

Perched up high between McCallie Ave and E 3rd St. lies Fort Wood – one of the city’s most beloved Historic Neighborhood. These tree-lined streets boast impressive Victorian and other turn of the century style homes with large sweeping porches, intricate mouldings, and overwhelming charm. Many University Faculty, students, and Fraternity/Sorority houses are located here, along with the Mayor’s Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast. With its proximity to the Erlanger Hospital campus medical professionals also seem to like homes in this lovely neighborhood.


Distance from the city center: .8 Miles

This May Be The Community For You If:

You prefer the convenience of downtown living with walking or biking proximity to all things downtown Chattanooga has to offer. If you are looking for charming historic neighborhoods and ever-increasing food and entertainment options this could be your spot!

Geography: The MLK/UTC area is most commonly identified as the area lying east of Georgia Ave and west of N Holtzclaw Ave. The northern boundary runs along Riverfront Parkway and the old tracks of the Chattanooga Choo Choo form the southern and eastern boundaries.

Accessibility: MLK Blvd obviously runs the length of this community connecting downtown to the eastern parts of the city. McCallie Avenue runs parallel high above along the outskirts of the University campus, and 3rd Street runs the northern campus border. King Street provides quick access to the Southside area while Houston/Lindsay Streets carry you to and away from the Warehouse Row area of the City Center.

Transport: This community is heavy with pedestrian traffic – especially in and around the University Campus, and MLK Blvd at night and on weekends as people jut in and out of the increasing number of eateries and entertainment venues popping up in the area. Bicycle Transport routes are marked along McCallie Avenue, though much more peaceful routes along the quieter side streets such as Eighth St and Vine St are advisable. Limited parking space is usually offered by private business and street parking is available, however parking is dominated by reserved student and faculty parking most everywhere else in the area.